365 Days of Happiness? I May Have to Ease Into This.

It started just before Thanksgiving.  The dreaded ’30 Days of Thanks’ posts were everywhere.  They were all so….so….filled with gratitude… for 30 straight days!  At moments I was awed and inspired by them.  At other moments I doubted their authenticity.  After all, I live a good life by any measure.  I’m married to this great guy, we have two healthy and amazing little girls, I live in a place that I love and I work at a job that I’m proud of.  Yet, I can’t say with uncertainty that I have felt grateful for all of those things – or any one of those things – every day for 30 straight days.  There are just those days.  The days when nothing seems to go right.  The days when the kids are fighting nonstop, my husband has done something to make me crazy, my job has nothing but bad news and the appliances are on the fritz.  The days when I am only grateful for the peace and quiet that comes when everyone has gone to sleep and I am able to pour myself a glass of wine….and then decide that the bottle and a straw might be a better choice.  We all have those days.  Don’t we?

Just before Thanksgiving, in the middle of all of those 30 Days of Thanks posts, I was having one of those days.  My husband would be working – again – on Thanksgiving day.  He would be feeding all of those rude and insensitive people who eat out on Thanksgiving.  Who does that??  Based on the number of people he fed that day, lots of people do it.  And those lots of people would keep my husband from spending Thanksgiving with us.  They would keep him from joining us at the Macy’s parade, they would keep him from sitting down at my sister’s impeccably decorated table, they would keep him from eating until he was sick.  They would keep him from being a part of our collective family memory of the holiday.  I wasn’t grateful and I definitely wasn’t happy. 

But then, I thought about something.

I thought about how lucky I was to have a husband who works his tail off for our family every single day.  A man that constantly gives 110% at work and 200% at home, even though he barely gets to see home.  A man that has moved with me to a place that I love, afforded me the opportunity to work at a job that I’m proud of and given me the two greatest little girls in the world.  A man that yelled and screamed when I brought the dog crate – and then the dog – home, and then melted when that dog crawled up into his lap.  I felt it.  I simply changed my thoughts and I felt it.  I felt grateful.  I felt happy.  It felt good.

Now let’s not get carried away.  I felt happy and grateful that day and I shared it in a post, but I didn’t suddenly clear my seven major chakras and find eternal bliss.  Is that possible?  It’s not likely that I’ll be the one to ever answer that question, but I have been inspired and my inspiration has found its way to this blog.  And so, for the next 365 days, I will attempt to uncover the happiness trick.  Follow me and keep your fingers crossed that I don’t crash and burn at day five.

Happy thoughts everyone!



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