It’s Saturday.  That makes me happy.

Oh.  You were expecting more? 

Well, I suppose I could tell you about the fact that I slept until 8:30.  That made me happy.  Or I could tell you about the Pop Rocks that my husband brought home and fed to our kids for breakfast this morning.  Normally that wouldn’t make me very happy, but it was the first time that my little one had ever tried Pop Rocks.  If I had recorded it, we would be $10,000 richer because America’s Funniest Home Videos has never seen anything so hilarious. 

I could tell you about my oldest daughter’s swim practice and how incredibly happy (and proud) I was to watch her in the water today.  She’ll finish up her very first season on a swim team this month and she has made such great strides.  She’s hoping for a personal best in her breast stroke tomorrow.  That will certainly give me something to write about.  

An old friend sent me a very old picture today.  Fortunately, with the exception of my right arm and a piece of my incredibly large ’80’s hair-do, you couldn’t see me at all in the picture.  But the image and the memory of it made me laugh all the same.  I’m nostalgic these days….or maybe I’m just old.  Nevertheless, it made me happy.

Oh, and I met a neighbor in the grocery store this evening.  We talked about the snowstorm that’s headed our way and how we are going to dodge a bullet because the heavy snow is expected to stay south of us.  Hooray!  For once, living in the north has made me happy. 

Like I said, it’s Saturday.  I’m happy.






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