I want a baby.

It’s quite possible that my husband just fell off his chair and is struggling for air right about now.  I would certainly be doing the same thing if the roles were reversed and it was him making that declaration.

Well, my dear husband, if you are still breathing and still reading this post, have no fear.  I don’t really want a baby of my own.  Instead, I have decided that I would just like to continually surround myself with friends who have babies that, on occasion, I am allowed to borrow.

I got to spend some time with a friend and her 4 month old baby today.  I only held him for about 10 minutes, but it was heavenly.  Just smelling his little head and cuddling that little body….pure delight.  I now recognize God’s wisdom in requiring a man to be involved in the reproductive process.  If women had the ability to procreate at will, we would be pregnant every time we had the opportunity to hold an infant.

The funny thing is, I didn’t truly enjoy the infancies of my own children.  I  rushed through it and swore I would never look back.  I didn’t bond with my first child immediately.  The guilt of that was only magnified by the pure delight that my husband exuded as soon as he laid eyes on her.  I did, of course, fall madly in love with her once I got to know her…but that took a little time.  I can only admit all of this now that time has passed and I’ve heard similar confessions from other women who felt the same way and who carried around the same guilt.  Once I came to understand that it wasn’t just me, the guilt began to fade.  And now, ten years later,  I get to simply focus on how completely and utterly enamored I am with both of my delicious little girls every single day of their lives.

You see?  Babies (eventually) make everybody happy.       




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