Speaking Russian on a Friday in Spring

tulipsIt’s 9am and I already have a list of things to be happy about.  I love days like this.

First off, it’s Friday!  Nothing makes me happier than Friday.  Of course Saturday is a close second and sometimes even ties for first, and Sunday follows close behind.  But, Friday simply holds so much promise, so much potential.  I love Friday.

Next up?  It’s picture day at school today.  A co-worker once said to me, “Good school pictures?  Isn’t that a bit contradictory?”  I have to agree.  I have two of the most beautiful little girls in the world yet, somehow, that beauty is never captured in school pictures.  But that doesn’t quell their enthusiasm about the day.

My oldest is a self-proclaimed t-shirt and jeans sort of girl.  Most days, even jeans are too much to ask of her.  She has a style all her own and prefers not to be a slave to fashion.  In honor of picture day, she decided to get all ‘gussied’ up in a pretty summer skirt, a white shirt, black leg warmers and her knee high suede boots.  She left her hair down in this sort of flowing mess of waves.  Do you have that mental picture in your head?  Somehow, that kid made it work.

My little one, the self-proclaimed stylish comfort queen, took a different approach.  She chose a winter white poncho sweater with navy blue leggings.  After trying to convince me that she certainly did fit in my high-heeled, open toed, strappy summer shoes, she finally settled on her own knee high suede boots.  Of course, she pulled her hair straight back into a low ponytail to complete the look.

It’s impossible to watch two little girls walk out the front door feeling so perfectly themselves and not feel happy.

After the girls headed out for school, I turned my attention to my sweet, patient little pup.  As soon as she heard me pull her leash out of the basket, she came running.  I was almost as excited as she was to get outside and take a walk;  a walk that didn’t require a face mask, thermals and 14 layers.  As soon as we walked out the front door, she chased a robin.  A robin.  They’re back!  Spring is coming.  SPRING is coming.  SPRING IS COMING!

And finally, I’ve added another country to my international audience list.  Russia is in da house!  (I can’t really pull that off, but I thought it was worth a try.)  Hello Russia.  I don’t speak Russian, so I’ll try to speak really slow and loud and hope that you can understand me.  Oh wait.  I’m writing, not speaking.  Well then, you’re on your own my Russian friend.  And to the rest of you who speak/read English, happy (almost Spring) Friday!


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