Mother Nature’s Hot Flash

sunI woke up before the rest of my house this morning.  That’s probably because I fell asleep way too early last night while watching tv on the couch and then woke up way too early thinking about my list of to do’s for the weekend.  Ho-Hum.

Back to waking up before the rest of my house.

The great thing about waking up before everybody else is that there is this amazing peace and quiet that doesn’t exist at any other time during the day.  I noticed that immediately.  Halfway down the steps, I noticed something else:  the sound of birds.  They finally came back.

That sound has been noticeably absent for a long time.  Quite honestly, I thought that all of the birds froze this winter and were now extinct.  Needless to say, I was excited to learn that I was wrong.

I got myself together, got the kids off to school and then called for the dog.  We headed out for our walk and when I treaded past our usual turnaround point, she hesitated – but only for a second.  She was as happy as I was to soak up the much-missed sunshine.

I wore a sweater and I didn’t break out the flip fops and quite honestly, I was glad to come home to a warm cup of tea.  So, perhaps I’m exaggerating a bit when I talk about Mother Nature’s hot flash.  Perhaps it was only a warm flash.  Whatever.  I’ll take it!

Happy warm Thursday everyone!



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