Mother Nature’s Mood Swings and The Working (Or Non Working) Mother

cloudsIt is cold outside today! I seem to have enraged Mother Nature by referring to the brief spell of warm weather she delivered as a hot flash. What a moody…… Well, let’s just all be grateful that it’s only Mother Nature who has these wild mood swings. Could you imagine what life would be like if all women experienced such crazy swings? Sheesh.


It has taken me all day to write this post. I’ve had thoughts floating around in my head for a solid 10 hours now and I’ve tried three times before this attempt to sit down and write. I have come up with 5 different topics and saved three different drafts; pathetic attempts to capture a clear thought in the midst of a typical Saturday. Just about an hour ago, I actually considered giving myself the day off. And then it hit me, I don’t need a day off from writing. I need a day off from parenting.

Shhhhh. Don’t tell my kids.

I woke up to the complaints of my youngest daughter, “Mom, the tooth fairy didn’t come last night.” Those were the words that came out of her mouth, but the tone of her voice was clearly screaming, “What the hell?!” Thank goodness my oldest daughter chimed in to help. “Don’t worry. She’ll come,” she said. “You have to give her three days though. That was typically how long it took her to find my teeth.”

Clearly we either have a directionally challenged or incredibly inadequate tooth fairy.

Rewind to last night. I was scheduled to be at an after-hours work event (there are lots of those in non-profit) about 45 minutes from my home. It was an event that my kids could be a part of and so I planned for them to join me. I was preparing for a quick dinner followed by an easy round-up of the kids before heading out the door.

I am a foolish woman.

As soon as the girls walked in the door from school, the barrage of questions began. Can I have a sleepover? Did you get the supplies I need? Why didn’t you fill out my permission slip? Can I have a snack? What am I wearing tomorrow? Do I really have to make my first penance? Do we have to go? Can I call Grandma?

Instead of ordering our quick dinner, I was suddenly spinning in circles. No, you can’t have a sleepover. I didn’t have time to get your supplies. I’ll fill out your permission slip tomorrow. There’s a snack on the table. Wear something appropriate. Yes, you have to make your first penance. Yes, we have to go and YES please call Grandma so I can think clearly for 5 minutes!

During that 5 minute call to Grandma, I made a conscious decision to order our usual Friday night pizza from a different pizza place. I even discussed the decision with my oldest daughter who agreed that it was time for a change. My younger daughter finished her phone conversation with her grandmother, handed the phone to me and I immediately called….. the old pizza place.

When I hung up the phone, my oldest daughter looked at me and said, “Umm. Mom. You do realize what you just did – right?”


The madness continued this morning. I had to run the little one over to church for her first penance at 9:45. With lacrosse practice scheduled to begin at 11am, I could only hope that divine forgiveness would take less than an hour. It was close. I shoved her back in the car and raced towards the other side of town while she changed outfits in the back seat. If lacrosse practice ended on time, I might get home in time to say goodbye to my husband before he headed out the door for work. That didn’t happen.

Shall I continue? I think I’ll spare you the remainder of the days’ details.

I am a working mom and my life is crazy. Once upon a time, I was a stay-at-home mom and my life was crazy. Kids simply make life crazy. And, it’s quite possible (though unlikely) that sometimes (only sometimes) that craziness is released in a mood swing of sorts.

Listen fellas, cut us some slack! After all, we are very busy raising the greatest human beings ever to grace the world with their presence…. and, truth be told, nothing makes us happier.


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