Crispy Pickle Chips and Fake Geraniums on a Snowy Spring Day

Holy moly – what a day!

It is April 16th and I had to scrape ice off of my car in order to leave for work this morning.  I obviously infuriated Mother Nature when I referenced her intense mood swings last week.  So let me step up and offer my apologies to all of you who suffered through this Spring snow and may I also make a personal apology to Mother Nature.

I am truly sorry for upsetting you Mother Nature.  Please forgive me.  But, may I also point out that you are not helping your cause – snow in April really does seem a bit moody.  Just sayin’.

A million things and a million thoughts have happened since the chilly start of my day.  I ate crispy pickle chips for the first time and may I just say yum!  I highly recommend them, but I will warn you:  they are addicting.  If you’re planning on eating them, you should probably build a brisk half hour walk into your day – you’ll need it.  Of course, you could simply do what I did and just marinate in their yumminess and skip the guilt.

After the crispy pickle chips, I had a strange conversation about fake geraniums and their ability to beautify a home.  Really?  I’m not sure I’m buying it, but who am I to judge.  I’m not known for my green thumb – I tend to kill off most green things.  I just haven’t quite gotten on-board with the fake stuff yet.  For now, I’m holding strong and hoping that something will sprout that won’t give the neighborhood bunnies that plastic aftertaste.

Finally, as I sit here writing this, I find myself thinking about Scott Baio.  Don’t ask.  That’s just the kind of day it’s been.  An oddly happy day.



One comment

  1. I hate fake plants………..but love your stories. With all that beautiful sun and endless amounts of good earth; plant living things that we can all benefit from.


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