Finding Balance

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles /

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles /

“Stop blogging.  I want to snuggle!” 

My youngest daughter was feeling a bit resentful of my time spent here the other night and that was her unapologetic attempt at demanding my attention.  Sometimes I forget that she is only 7 years old.  She proves herself so mature, so capable and so independent most of the time.  Occasionally I forget how little she is and how important that end-of-the-day snuggle time is for her…. and for me.

As with everything, I’m discovering that balance is key to my success on this year-long journey.  I’ve noticed that there are days when my mind is completely consumed by the thought of the day’s blog.  Of course, there are other days when I discover that the day is quickly coming to an end and I still haven’t given any real thought to what I might want to say.  That seems to be the pattern of my life.

Today I’m simply happy that my daughter reminded me about the importance of balance, and I’m happy that I was able to articulate that in a short, sweet post that leaves me with some uninterrupted snuggle time tonight.  That will, undoubtedly, make us both incredibly happy.


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