Unexpected Endings

It’s been a long day.  A long day with lots of unexpected endings.

I woke up to an incredible email from my daughter’s math tutor.  She was thanking me for taking the time to write an online review of her services.  Thanking me?  My daughter jumped a full grade and a half in all measures related to math on her report card, and she was thanking me? That was unexpected.

My intern joined me at a presentation for work this afternoon.  I was admiring how comfortable she’s become in her role with us;  her confidence has blossomed in the last three months.  I was just about to sit back and bask in that glow when she confessed, “I was just offered a job.  I start next week.”  That was definitely unexpected.  I took a moment to feel sad for myself and then I shared in her happiness.

We celebrated the end of my daughters’ first season with her swim team tonight.  She was awarded two personal best awards for her hard work and we were both elated.  The night ended with a slideshow – so many great shots of all of the kids swimming and cheering each other on and just being silly on the sidelines.  It was a great way to end the year.  On the ride home, we talked a bit about how things might change with her team next year.  She tends to shun change and so the simple idea of it brought her to tears.  That was definitely unexpected.

And now I am not-so-unexpectedly happy to be saying goodnight.  Happy Friday!



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