Best. Teachers. Ever.

20140618-221721.jpgIf you’ve been following this blog over the last 120 days, you know that my tiny school community has experienced its fair share of ups and downs this year. There has been in-fighting and finger-pointing, there has been anger and certainly plenty of sadness. But, through it all, one thing remained constant: our teachers.

Today was HUGS Day. I know that other schools have similar field day type events, but nobody does it like we do. HUGS Day is a school-wide party complete with games, inflatables, popcorn, sno-cones and snack tables for every grade level. It is the most widely anticipated event of the year and, this year, something new was added.

Just after lunch, a small crowd started forming around the blacktop. The teachers and staff slowly crept to the center. And there, on the roof, was our principal.

What in the world?

The kids started pointing and the parents started gathering. The music started playing and then it happened. A teacher flash mob!

Holy cow. Best. Teachers. Ever!



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