I Quit

I quit my job.

Well, technically, I quit my job just for this one week, but I’m dangerously close to throwing in the towel for good.  I just need to find a way to resolve that pesky issue of financial security.  Who decided that was important anyway?

I am thoroughly enjoying this staycation thing.  The chance to sleep late, lounge around in a bathing suit, host slumber parties, stay up late watching The Outsiders.

“Stay gold Ponyboy, stay gold.”  Classic.

I wonder, would this feeling eventually wear off?  At some point, would I become bored by the freedom?  The lack of scheduling?  The indifference to time?  Do I simply appreciate this one, lone week because it’s so rare?  Or could I get used to this life?

I think I could get used to this life.


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