Our Happy Place

I have so much to say tonight but, once again, Cablevision has other plans for me. My WiFi connection is down…again. Those of you who understand my love-hate relationship with this company are probably chuckling as you read this. I suppose I should just laugh it off too. I’m trying.

Before Cablevision sucked the wind right out of my happiness sail, I was having a spectacular day. You see, today marks the 4th year that my family and I have spent the afternoon at a hot air balloon launch. That in itself puts me in my happy place, but there’s more.

Every year, we return to the same amazing farm to watch the launch. They are well-known for their cow and goat cheeses – we bought some home with us. My oldest daughter spent a week at camp on this farm and my youngest discovered her odd fascination with pigs on this very farm. My husband and I always return to thoughts of raising our own chickens when we visit and often wonder why we don’t toss in the towel and just have a go at farm life.

This place is not just my happy place, this is our happy place.


There’s so much more I want to share – the way my youngest pleaded for a goat of her own. The confidence my older daughter had in her ability to single-handedly catch a chicken. (She managed to do that once on a trip to New Hampshire. Beginners luck I often remind her). The way my husband and I can manage to turn the difficult life of a farmer into a dreamy, romantic lifestyle. 20140705-212915.jpg

But I can’t share anymore tonight.

I can’t share because Cablevision is my nemesis! I can’t share because I can’t log onto the internet with a normal computer. I can’t share because I’m being forced to write this from my iPhone using my Verizon phone service. Yes, Verizon has saved the day!

Oh Cablevision, you have no idea how lucky you are that I spent the day in my happy place.


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