Great Things Happen on July 16th

Great things seem to happen for me on July 16th.  I interviewed for my current job on July 16, 2007, my husband and I found our home on July 16, 2004 and we officially became known as Mom and Dad on this very day in 2003.

I should have played lotto today.

It seems simply impossible that 11 years have passed since my daughter arrived in our lives.  I remember bringing her home in this perfect little pink outfit that I had picked out weeks before.  It was ridiculously large on her, yet it looked so tiny in the store.  I remember laying her in her beautifully decorated bassinet and watching her sleep.  My husband and I stood there – staring at her –  for way too long, wondering aloud what it was that we were supposed to do now.

I remember thinking that she should have come with an instruction manual.

This morning, my husband and I woke up ahead of the birthday girl.  We snuck into her room and placed a phone next to her bed.  We tiptoed downstairs and called the number, hoping to wake her up.  She answered, confused, and we sang Happy Birthday before telling her that the phone was hers to keep.

What were we thinking?

Only moments after hanging up, I got this text from her:

I am so confused, surprised, happy, amazed and awesomely happpppppy!!!!

I suppose great things happen on July 16th for my daughter too.

Happy birthday to my silly, sensitive, sweet, imaginative little girl.  The world became a better place 11 years ago today.



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