Stingrays Cause Writer’s Block

20140720-205453.jpgMy mind is completely blank.  I’m struggling to write just this sentence – yes, this one that says I’m struggling.  For your sake and for mine, I think I’ll give in to my writer’s block tonight, but I do need to share the newest members of our family with you before I give up.

This is Frederick and Fred Trick.  Clever – don’t you think?20140720-205512.jpg

Our visit to the aquarium today inspired my daughter to create this mini clay replica of the stingrays that we spent way too much time with.  Apparently their inspiration was limited to small children under the age of 11.

It was a perfect day with perfectly happy and giggly girls.  They made me happy, but those stingrays definitely caused writer’s block.  Hopefully my mind will be swimming in new thoughts tomorrow.

Get it?  Swimming?  Because stingrays swim?

I’ll stop torturing you now.  Goodnight and please wish me some inspiring thoughts.


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