They’re Ba-aack

20140801-211048.jpgMy two little ladies have returned from their week-long adventure with friends and family.  They have a healthy, sun-soaked glow about them, their hair is shorter and I am almost positive that they’ve both grown a good two inches since I last saw them.  Today they affirmed that oh-so-popular phrase “they grow up so fast.”

My car was slowing to a stop when both girls came running from my parents’ front patio, battling each other to be first in line for a hug.  They are so deliciously adorable when they’ve been away for awhile.  They rattled off all of the things that they did during their parent vacation: a slumber party with their Long Island BFF, learning to face-paint tigers and butterflies, visiting with their cousins which, of course, included a visit with their newest canine cousin, Virginia.  They went fishing on a party boat, puked on a party boat, and took endless trips to the pool where there was a failed attempt at jumping off the high diving board.  They spent time with their great uncles and met their second cousin.  They were recognized by an old friend’s dad – I’m just guessing that my youngest daughter brought him back a good 30 years.  She looks a tiny bit like me.  They talked about where they went, they talked about what they did, they talked about who they met.  They talked and they talked and they talked….until they started to fight.

These mini parent vacations are a necessity.  They remind me that these two do indeed like each other despite the constant sisterly bickering that begins immediately upon my arrival.


My peaceful week has come to an abrupt end.  My bickering babes have returned….and I sure am happy to have them home.


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