I returned to work today and Robin Williams died.  Hrumph.  This will certainly make it difficult to write about happiness.

Who steps up to write the eulogy for a comedic genius, for a man who was a legend in his own time?  Will people remember him with unbridled humor even after this seemingly tragic end?  How incredibly sad.

So where is the happiness?

This one is a struggle.  Thinking about the sadness that must have consumed a man who managed to make the whole world laugh is overwhelming.  Millions of admirers, yet not one person who could save him from himself.  There is a lesson to be learned somewhere in all of this.  Maybe he was meant to be our teacher.

So where is the happiness?

A childhood spent sitting upside down on your head, shaking hands with middle finger, pointer and thumb joined together and believing Shazbat and Nanu Nanu were words readily defined in Oxford’s Dictionary – that’s where the happiness lies.

Thank you Mr. Williams for a lifetime of laughs.  I wish the world could have returned the favor.



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