Running Sleep

I was out with some old friends last weekend.  They were complaining about the vicious cycle of sleep – or lack thereof – that has taken over their lives.  Restless nights followed by a day of exhaustion, impatiently waiting for the chance to lay their heads down on a pillow again.  Sleep comes quick the next night but it is fleeting and the cycle begins again.

“Run,” I said.

The conversation stopped momentarily before the laughter took over.

“What is wrong with you?”

“Why in the world are you running?”

“What would make you do that?”

“That must hurt your knees.  Your ankles too.”

“Running won’t help.”

I laughed with them, but we were only midway through dinner and I was already having a hard time keeping my eyes open.  It’s been that way since I started this 5k training experiment – sleep comes fast and it is gooood.

Today is no exception.  I (somewhat) successfully completed my 3 mile run/walk early this morning and I’ve been waiting to let my head hit the pillow ever since.  I caught myself daydreaming about sleep more than once today – about the feel of the mattress on my back, my head on a cool pillow and the way my eyelids would quickly grow heavy.  I can’t wait. 

My friends have no idea what they’re missing.  I have no doubt that running sleep would make them just as happy as it does me.




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