Back To School Snack Boxes

20140908-210338-75818272.jpg I was dreading the end of summer – so much so that I might even say I was feeling a bit depressed. I simply wasn’t ready to trade the long, lazy days of summer for cool mornings, early sunsets and the mundane routine of back to school. I just didn’t want it to end!

The return of my school day snack box may have been one of the few things that helped save me from the depths of my despair.

I started the school day snack box mid year last year out of pure desperation. After finding myself completely exhausted by work, homework, dinner, cleanup and the usual nightly routine that plays out in houses everywhere, I decided snacks were a generous option on my part. If the kids wanted them, they were going to have to learn to pack them on their own. I didn’t want the mess and chaos of two little girls rummaging through my cupboards and refrigerator each morning and so, the snack boxes were born.
Every Sunday evening we fill one box with dry goodies and another with refrigerated goodies. I was actually giddy with excitement when I pulled those boxes out of storage yesterday! Both are filled with enough snacks to last the week, and the girls choose their poison each morning with absolutely no help from me. It’s a beautiful thing!

Yep, that’s right. My back to school snack boxes make me super happy.


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