One Lovely Morning

one-lovely-blog1I am not a morning person.  Never have been and, likely, never will be.  I love being snuggled up in the comfort of my bed almost as much as I love summer and so it takes a whole lot to wake me up happy.  Today, I did wake up happy thanks to a fellow blogger who nominated me for something called the One Lovely Blog Award. 

It warmed my heart.

Technically, I think this may be a made-up kind of award but, quite frankly, what award isn’t made up?  I don’t know the origins of the award and I’m not certain of the criteria, but I was flattered, humbled – simply delighted  to wake up to such a sweet sentiment from a near total stranger.  (Though I suppose we share so much of ourselves on these pages, it’s hard to be complete strangers).

I was nominated by the voice behind Mom of 1 and 10 who shared the following rules for accepting this award:

The rules for accepting this award are:

1. Thank the person who has nominated you. Provide a link to his/her blog.

2. List the rules and display the award image.

3. Include 7 facts about yourself.

4. Nominate 15 other bloggers and let them know that they have been nominated.  This is a way to introduce others to bloggers that you love.

5. Display the award logo and follow the blogger who nominated you.

So, first, THANK YOU Mom of 1 and 10!  This was a sweet surprise to wake up to this morning and it certainly made me happy.  As for the remaining rules, I may need to take some time to complete the list of 15 bloggers to nominate since I am, admittedly, a horrible ‘follower.’  But, I will get started by sharing 7 things about me.  (Is it possible that there are still seven things that I haven’t yet shared here on my blog?)  Here goes….

Seven things about me:

1.  As mentioned, I am not a morning person.  Worse still, I don’t like coffee.  It’s possible that this fact makes mornings even harder.  C’est la vie.

2.  My favorite movie is Top Gun.  Just never gets old.

3.  I’ve been keeping some sort of diary/journal since the age of 7.  When I moved out of my parents house, I threw away almost every one of them.  That is my single, biggest regret in life.

4.  I worked at an animal shelter for 9 years.  It was the greatest job ever.

5.  I grew up less than a mile from my husband.

6.  I remember my husband from high school and, even though I had no romantic interest in him back then, I vividly recall him and his then girlfriend constantly holding hands.

7.  Someone once said to me “You wouldn’t get a cavity filled without pain killers so, who in their right mind, would give birth without them?”  My response:  “I’ve done both.  Occasionally that makes me believe I’m invincible.”

There you have it, seven completely disjointed and unrelated things about me.  I’m not sure what made me think of these, but here they are.  My final secrets revealed.

As for the 15 bloggers?  Let me start with Mom of 1 and 10.  Having an 11 year old myself, I often wonder how she balances her world – toddler vs. tween.  Moms are pretty amazing – don’t you think?

I’ll get back to you soon with my remaining 14.  Hopefully my nominations for the One Lovely Blog Award will give a few others one lovely morning – just like mine.



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