Happiness Only Costs $7.95

20140921-213357-77637807.jpgContrary to popular belief, money can indeed buy happiness.  I know this to be true because I spent $7.95 on one dozen apple cider donuts this afternoon and they brought me pure happiness.

I didn’t want to give up my summer – that’s true.  But, if I have to bid summer goodbye, I suppose fall in New York is a good reason to let it go.  There’s the slightest hint of color on the leaves, there are delicious apples ready for picking and these monstrous pumpkins growing on the vines.  There are hardy mums available for sale everywhere you turn and there is the delightful smell of apple cider donuts wafting through the air.  My goodness – who invented these heavenly treats?

I waited for my girls to scurry off to bed before quietly plucking that very last apple cider donut out of the bag and then….I ate it.  I ate it and it was so sinfully delicious and it made me so deliciously happy.

**Heavy, happy, contented sigh**




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