Enjoying Happiness While It Lasts

My daughters and I spend a lot of time together.  We do everything from the morning routine to dog walking to dinner prep to food shopping, doctor’s visits, daily errands and, sometimes, they even come to work with me.  That’s just the way it goes in our house.  My husband’s crazy work schedule requires a little bit of patience, a little bit of planning and a lot of teamwork.  Fortunately, my little ladies have always stepped up and helped us make it work but, that doesn’t mean they don’t get tired of spending so much time together.

No, really.  Some days they are really tired of spending time together;  so tired, that I’ve actually considered investing in those sumo wrestling costumes.  Do they sell them in children’s sizes?

My oldest daughter’s switch to middle school this year seems to be a blessing in disguise….at least for the moment.  She wakes up earlier than her sister now – most days she is dressed and out the door before her sister stirs from her slumber.  Of course, that means that she also arrives home earlier than her little sister – less than an hour earlier, but it has been interesting to note how this simple change in their routine has changed the dynamics of our house.  Take this morning for example.

My oldest daughter and I had some quiet, uninterrupted time to just talk before her dad and sister woke up and before her bus arrived.  It was nice.  And when my husband finally woke the little one up to start her day, the three of us sat at the breakfast table and had a good, old-fashioned belly laugh.  It was almost therapeutic.

That blissful sense of contentment carried over into our evening – both girls a bit more forgiving of one another, even finding humor in each other.  They didn’t argue, they didn’t battle for our attention and they didn’t clash over the mundane.  They simply seemed satisfied – happy – to be enjoying each others company after enjoying some much-needed alone time.

I’m going to enjoy this happiness while it lasts.





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