I Love This Day

20140928-220251-79371593.jpgOh, I love Halloween!

When I was a kid, my parents created this elaborate haunted house in our basement.  The whole neighborhood was invited over to walk through it.  I knew that the mummy was my dad and the ghost flying out from behind the creaky door (a.k.a. the laundry room) was fake and tied to our rolling garment rack, yet I was still terrified.  Mind you, this was all well before the advent of Pinterest – we didn’t even have access to the internet back then.  Gasp!

As luck would have it, my birthday also falls in October.  My Sweet 16 celebration was a masquerade party.  I went dressed as a flapper, complete with fabulous dress (courtesy of my elderly next door neighbor – it was her wedding dress), headband and roaring ’20’s cigarette holder.  I was delighted.

These days, I live vicariously through my own kids.  We begin talking about their costumes months in advance and we have to consciously refrain from picking pumpkins too soon.  They need to be perfectly ripe on Halloween eve.  But today – today – was the day…we got to go pumpkin picking!

I love this day….


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