That Swiss Chard Recipe From My Mom

20141019-213927-77967077.jpgI think I’ve finally finished mourning the loss of summer.  The thought hit me this afternoon while I was watching both of my girls out on the lacrosse field.  I sat on the sidelines, bundled up in my turtleneck, scarf and gloves and I thought this is nice.  Of course, every time the sun disappeared behind a cloud and my ears started to burn from the cold, I cursed Mother Nature just a bit but, overall, it was a beautiful day.

I kind of like this ‘lacrosse mom’ thing.  Good people, fun sport – nothing like watching baseball.  Snore…..  But I digress.  That is not the point of this post.  Back to what I was saying….

I still miss summer, but I know that she’ll be back.  In the meantime, I’ve decided to embrace fall with it’s beautiful colors and delicious apples (and donuts) and giant pumpkins.  Of course, thinking about the alternative – freezing temperatures, too much snow and a constant chill – makes it easy to appreciate these days that sit somewhere between too hot and too cold.  I miss my flip flops, but I do like big, cozy sweaters, fancy scarves and a great pair of boots.  I also like fuzzy blankets and comfy sweatpants.  That’s my split personality talking again.  And here’s a surprising revelationI enjoy fall cooking.

Yes, you heard right.  I kinda like cooking the stuff that comes with cooler temperatures.

Today, after recovering from my chill, I came home to cook a yummy stew of sorts.  Crushed tomatoes and cannellini beans and swiss chard, all mixed together with garlic – of course.  The dish doesn’t really have a name.  It’s simply ‘that swiss chard recipe from my mom.’  Not everyone in my house loves eating it as much as I do so I was thankful to have some leftovers from another favorite fall dish:  turkey chili. 

Sitting down to warm myself over a bowl of pure yumminess on a cool fall day….yep, that makes me happy.


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