You Get What You Get and You Don’t Get Upset

clamp-your-hamsFamily.  You don’t get to choose them.  You don’t get to decide who your mom will be, who your dad will be and how many – if any – siblings you’ll have to put up with.  You just show up in the world one day and BAM!  You are surrounded by these people who claim you as their family.  You have absolutely no say in the matter.  You simply get what you get and you don’t get upset.  

I spent the evening with my family last night.

Last night would have been the 248th day of my 365 day blog experiment but, alas, the people who claim me as family kept me from writing.  It was my mother’s fault, really.  She beckoned us all home to celebrate the fall birthdays – mine, my dad’s, my sister-in-law’s and my brother-in-law’s.  They forgot to include my name on the cake, but no hard feelings.  I cut myself the largest piece and, when my sister wasn’t looking, I licked her spoon to get even.  We discussed ebola in New York and cursed the infected doctor who undoubtedly infected his girlfriend after having sex with her upon his return from Africa.

The kids really enjoyed that conversation.  

We talked a lot about Amish people and we argued over whose gift to my father was the best.  My brother, with my mother staring adoringly at him from across the table, showed up with a neatly stacked and packaged pile of boxes.  Of course, we let him believe that his was the best present.

I could tell, though, that my dad liked mine waaay better than anyone else’s. 

My sister showed up with this crazy card.  This one here with the pigs stuck in those clamps.  The message inside read “If you’re happy and you know it, clamp your hams.”

Yep, they’re all mine.  I certainly didn’t choose them…..but they do make me pretty happy.



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