Cheating: Because I’m the Default Parent

The title tells the whole story tonight.  I am the default parent and so, occasionally, I need to cheat when it comes to things other than parenting.

The default parent.  I heard this term and its definition for the first time today and I thought, ‘Yep, that’s me.’  I say this readily, without hesitation and with absolute certainty based on one, solitary fact:  when a nightmare or illness wakes my kid(s) in the middle of the night, she walks into our bedroom, passes right by her father, treads around our bed and begins poking me.  It never occurs to either of my girls to wake their father, to poke him and rouse him from his peaceful slumber.  Nope.  It’s always me.

I realize that none of this sounds very happy.  Admittedly, there are days when being the default parent is exasperating, exhausting and even annoying.  (Full disclosure:  I’m having one of those days today).  But, much like the author of the blog that I’m about to share with you, I do believe that having a default parent in every home is important.  Most days, the title brings me a great deal of happiness because, like most parents, I absolutely, positively adore my kids and I am happy to be here, watching them grow, and fulfilling their needs….even if those needs arise at 3 in the morning.

Tonight, this default parent is passing the buck.  Tonight, you should all read this wonderfully written blog by M. Blazoned of the Huffington Post.  Apparently she has been spying on me and my family because – wow – she nailed it!  Enjoy….



  1. I just found you blog and am very intrigued by your writing! And yes, default parent is a good word. I often feel like this. But as you said, it is absolutely wonderful being the default parent too. ☺ I’m excited to follow along!


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