Those Three Little Dots

Image courtesy of sippakorn at

Image courtesy of sippakorn at

I’m a telecommuter.  That means that I am connected to my laptop and my smartphone more often than I should be.  With or without work commitments, I can be tracked down with a phone call, a text message, an email, a facebook message or a blog comment on my home phone, my laptop, my smartphone or my personal cell phone.  I can recall being summoned by multiple people on every one of these devices simultaneously and on more than one occasion.

Sometimes it makes my brain hurt.

Technology, with all of its benefits, certainly does have its drawbacks.  Being ‘found’ at any time, day or night, has its advantages but, more often than not, it is…..well…..annoying.  Can we all finally admit this?  Can we all finally say, out loud, that the planet will not stop spinning on its axis if I don’t manage to respond to your call, text or email within the next 5 minutes.  Can we all stop staring at the three little dots that appear on our iPhones while awaiting a response to our most recent text message?  We all work or volunteer or raise kids or raise dogs (or cats) or simply have places to go and people to see and things to do and sometimes – just sometimes – we get sidetracked and forget that we were responding to a text message when the other phone began ringing and a new email came through.  I am not ignoring you.  I am simply busy with life so, please  stop staring at those three little dots! 

I’m guilty of forgetting to unplug.  Sometimes I’m so plugged in that I begin to short circuit.  I suppose it happens to the best of us.  But I like to think that I’ve found some balance – a way to enjoy my life while also appreciating (and even enjoying) my tech life.  I like to think that I’ve learned how to shut down my work life when it’s time to focus on my home life – even though both tend to happen at my kitchen table.  I like to think that my laptop or, more likely, my smartphone won’t someday become a growth or added appendage.

I like to think all of that, because reading a pilgrim book with my little ladies at bedtime and discussing who the real first American settlers were makes me way happier than those three little dots on my iPhone.




  1. funny, a friend never got a phone so he wouldn’t be bothered by our employer. No phone in his apartment for the 45 years he lived there. Couldn’t use a computer but got a cell on retiring.


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