I Bet Delilah and Delaney Never Showed Up in the Magic Garden

Remember Carole and Paula and The Magic Garden?  Remember the Hello Song?  Remember how they said hello to all of those kids that were watching – Joey and Brenda and Jennie and Matthew, Tommy and Susie and Katie too?  I always wondered why they didn’t see me.  They saw Jean and they saw Marie, but they never saw Jean Marie.  Why, why, whyyyy?

It was frustrating.

Despite Carole and Paula’s aversion to my name, I actually liked it.  I liked that it was seemingly unusual.  Of course, there were other Jean’s and Marie’s and even Jeanie’s and Jeannine’s, but there weren’t any Jean Marie’s.  I liked that.  I liked that my name belonged to me and nobody else.  I liked that it defined me and only me.  It was my name.  Mine, mine, mine.  For some reason, that was important to me.  So when it came time to name my own kids, it was kind of a big deal.

Choosing to give birth to a child was an easier decision than choosing a name for said child.  At least it was for me.  Whatever name we chose needed to withstand an entire lifetime;  it needed to be timeless and classic and it needed to perfectly define our little cherub and the image we (or I) had of the person she would become.  For some reason, names that began with D seemed to fit my name criteria list.  Delilah.  The name just rolled off my tongue.  Delaney.  That just sounded delicious.  I loved both of those names.  I still do.  But they didn’t stick.

Tonight I found myself sharing my naming predicament with both of my girls.  They tried on the two names that failed to make the cut – Delilah Trick.  They scrunched their noses up at that.  Delaney Trick.  Nope.  They were not happy with that one either.  “I like my name,” my little one said.  “I was meant to be Audrey.”  My oldest concurred, assuring me that her name was also the perfect fit.

I felt a tinge of sadness for Carole and Paula who never saw me singing ”It’s nice to say hello.  Hello.  Hello and how are you.’  They sure missed out on my superb back-up vocals.  And I’m sure they never saw Delilah or Delaney or Charlotte or Audrey singing along either.  A sure sign that we picked the perfect names.


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