On The Road Again

Image courtesy of mapichai at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Image courtesy of mapichai at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

It’s been just over five weeks since I completed the impossible:  running my first 5k.

I can almost hear the collective jeering and laughter coming from all of you born-to-run-types.  Laugh if you must, but you were not born with the same small lung capacity that is inherent in my family.  It’s a real thing – or so my sister tells me. 

Anyway, small lung capacity aside, I managed to run an impressive first 5k back in October.  Prior to completing it, I was certain that if I made it to the finish line, that 5k would be my first and my last.  I just didn’t believe that running was a hobby that would stick.  Turns out, I was wrong.  Running is a bit addicting. 

Post-5k I found myself with this bizarre and unexpected desire to continue running and a right ankle that was not the least bit interested in entertaining that new found desire.  Hrumph.  On doctor’s orders, I put my pesky ankle on a running hiatus and hoped that a two week rest period would suffice.  Well, that rest period officially ended last week and I’m happy to report that my ankle and I are back out on the road again!

I’d like to tell you that hitting the asphalt again was as easy as getting back on a bicycle but I’d be lying.  A 2-week hiatus was all it took for my lungs to shrivel back down to their genetically tiny form, leaving me gasping for air and wondering why I enjoyed this pastime in the first place.  But, recalling how accomplished I felt after conquering my first mile, then my second and finally my third, I’ve been keeping at it….and it’s beginning to pay off once more.

This morning I got out and enjoyed, what might be, the final day of beautiful fall weather with a 1.5 mile run, a cooperative ankle and a pair of little lungs that seem to be up for the challenge.  How much more happiness could a girl really ask for?




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