Happy Birthday to That Guy

20141201-231335-83615019.jpgWhen I met my husband I thought, that’s the guy I’m going to marry.  Is that weird?

Thinking back on it now, even I think it’s weird, but there was this immediate, kismet sort of connection.  For some odd reason though, my husband didn’t feel that connection right away.  It’s possible that I was a bit spirited back then – a tad bit overwhelming for the generally quiet, subdued man that I had my heart set on.  He was typically reserved until a good joke or a ridiculous punchline popped into his head – then all bets were off.  It was that ridiculous sense of humor, a great smile and his contagious laugh that sucked me in.  He made me laugh.  It was that simple.

Nearly 20 years later, he’s still pretty funny and I think I might still be a bit spirited.  He has more patience with me than anyone I’ve ever known – he humors me often and always indulges me in my whims.  He tolerates my moods and entertains my crazy ideas.  I’m pretty certain I somehow knew all of that the moment I met him. 

Happy Birthday to the man I had my heart set on – I hope you’ll put up with me for another 40 (or more) birthdays!


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