The Two of Them

20141202-222446-80686111.jpgToday was a long day.  A day that started with the panic of sleeping through the alarm clock and continues, as I write, with a middle schooler plugging through homework that she assured me there was ‘only a little bit’ of.  In between, I met with my Congressman, stopped in at a local school to say thank you, managed to land an internship for one of my volunteers, learned how to use bar models to solve elementary school math problems and crossed that dang river that separates my house from the other side more times in one day than should be allowed by any human.

I’m tired.

But in all of the chaos that was today, there was a bright spot:  my 6 foot 5 inch tall, basketball playing nephew.  More specifically, my 4 foot tall daughter and my 6 foot 5 inch tall nephew sitting next to each other on the sidelines of a basketball game.  We didn’t get to stay to watch his game, but catching up with him ‘up here’ where we live is unusual and unexpected and…nice.  This picture of the two of them made me happy. 


One comment

  1. It’s those things that make us forget about our crazy days and lives.. Cherish those family monents they go by so quick!! Handsome young man!! N love her smile!!

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