A Crappy Start

20141227-203816-74296166.jpgMy day started out pretty crappy, leaving me with less than stellar expectations for the rest of my day.  You see, I woke up exhausted.  Exhausted and crabby and cursing that little dog who spent the night with us.  It was his fault.  He woke me up twice in the middle of the night with his barking and whining.  I didn’t care for being woken up in the middle of the night when it was my own small child calling for me so, as you might imagine, this barking dog definitely did not make me happy.

It was a rough start.

Sometimes it’s difficult to recover from a day that seems challenging from the outset.  Sometimes it’s easier to throw my hands up in defeat and simply wait for a new day to begin.  But it was a beautiful December day in the northeast and I wasn’t about to let a whiny, overnight house guest ruin my whole day.  So, instead, I packed up my own kids, adopted two additional kids, and took our non-whiny, non-barking dog out for a two hour hike.

My dog is now passed out next to me, my own kids are still entertaining the two adopted kids who joined us earlier today and I am happily enjoying some me time.  Quite a turn-around from my crappy start of a day.



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