Treasure Every Moment

I had an odd moment of understanding while reading Why Having More Babies Isn’t As Crazy As You May Think earlier today.  For some reason, the post unexpectedly tugged at my heart strings.


Anyone who knows me knows that I declared myself ‘done with giving birth’ several years ago.  Don’t get me wrong – I absolutely, positively loved my two little ladies from the second that they appeared in my life.  But I like them a lot more now that they are walking, talking, independent young ladies who are easily transportable and capable of wiping their own butts.  Sometimes that makes me feel like a bad mother.  

I hope I’m not the only mother out there who feels this way.  If I am, well, then this is an awkward post.  But, once upon a time, I believed I was the only exhausted, exasperated, constantly sweating mother of an infant who incessantly wished the days away in hopes of more sleep, less drool and just one free minute in the day to pee in privacy.  Once upon a time, I really did believe that it was just me, but now I know better.  Now I know that there is an entire underground network of sleep deprived, overly sensitive new moms who find themselves constantly on the brink of tears when a stranger whispers those guilt-inducing words, “treasure every moment,” at the worst possible moment.


Funny thing is, now that I know all of that, I find that I’m the stranger.  I’m the (nearly) caught up on my sleep mom of non-infants who knows, first hand, that the years roll by too quickly.  The sleepless nights are only temporary, the breastfeeding bras are a passing fad and potty training is just a blip in time.  Tiny little toes grow fast and chubby cheeks don’t last forever yet, somehow, when we’re stuck in the middle of it all we forget to treasure every moment.  

Oh, I haven’t changed my mind on that ‘done with giving birth’ thing.  I am done.  My fellow blogger simply made more babies sound so intriguing, so romantic for a moment.  Truth is, I’m happy to be the stranger and the mom who tries hard to treasure every moment with my two big babies.


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