This Could Go One of Two Ways

20150105-221846-80326124.jpgOzzie, the bearded dragon, has taken up quite a bit of our time and our space since her arrival nearly a week ago.  We’ve learned a lot about her preferred house temperature, her discriminating palate, her sleep patterns and yes, even her poop patterns.

She’s an interesting little life experiment.

In all of the excitement of this getting-to-know-you phase with our dragon, it’s possible that we’ve been neglecting our incredibly social (aka – needy mushball) dog.  It’s not in her personality to complain, so she’s been waiting patiently for us to stop staring at this new glass tank that has suddenly appeared in our home.  Up until tonight she seemed completely uninterested in this new addition, but that all changed when Ozzie, unaware of the hunter in the room, decided to dash across her tank.


This, of course, could go one of two ways.  We’re hoping for the best.  In the meantime, watching these two stare each other down is kind of amusing.  It doesn’t take much to stir up happiness around here these days.


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