“I can’t wait,” my husband said referring to our upcoming mini vacation plans. “Can we go back to Mashomack?”

Mashomack is a beautiful preserve that we’ve visited in the past. The first time we were there, we went kayaking through the small inlets and waterways that make up the property.

I could lie and tell you that it was a romantic adventure, but I prefer honesty. So I’ll admit that it was more like a test in patience and perseverance.

We rented a dual person kayak.

“Paddle right” my husband would demand from the back of the kayak. “Right,” he would say again when I didn’t respond quickly enough. “Right. RIGHT!” eventually came the shouting.

“You’re so impatient,” I would yell over my shoulder. “Next time I’m getting my own kayak!”

“That’s fine with me,” would come the quick response.

I’m happy to report that we both survived Mashomack and, eventually, we even decided to get married. And, fifteen years later, something occurred to me while listening to my husband’s excitement about our return to the scene of the crime: he forgot.

Do you think I should suggest a dual person kayak again?


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