School Closings and Such: Now I Know

WordPress, the wonderful host of my daily blog, does more than provide me with a space to write and save my thoughts.  They crunch the numbers and tally the statistics.  They track the number of people who visit my site, how those people found me and even what country those people live in.  It’s kinda cool and yet, on some level, it’s also kinda creepy.

A bit George Orwell-ish if you ask me.

Disturbing similarities to 1984 aside, I was delighted to receive my ‘Year in Review’ from the geniuses behind WordPress earlier this month.  The simple report served as a statistical look back at my first year as a blogger and, as I began to read through it, I found myself sitting squarely in the land of mixed emotions.

The narcissist in me was delighted by the fact that there were nearly 10,000 visitors to my site in 2014.  Ten thousand.  Wait, wait, wait.  Let me say that again.  TEN THOUSAND.  For a first-time blogger with a passion and a crazy idea to write an essay every day for 365 days, this was big news.  I smiled and gave myself a pat on the back……. and then I read on.

The most popular post – the one that traveled the farthest and the one that was viewed by the largest number of people – was titled School Closings and Such.

The narcissist in me gave way to my inner optimist.  How wonderful, I thought to myself.  So many people cared so much about our tiny, little school; so many people were heartbroken by the mere thought of our sweet community being divided.  So many people needed to read and share and relate to the sentiment that I was desperately trying to write about.  How wonderful.


That was when my inner pessimist reared her ugly head.  I began questioning the motives behind the popularity of this post.  I wondered if caring really had anything to do with the number of times the post was read and shared.  I wondered who was reading it and why they were so interested.  I wondered if their intentions were good and I wondered what dirt that might be looking for.

I don’t care to visit this dark side too often.

Truth is, I don’t know why people chose to read and share that particular post.  Whatever their reasons, I’m glad that they stopped by.  I’m glad that I was able to share what was happening and how I was feeling at that very moment in time.  And I’m glad that I have the opportunity to look back on it now with some perspective because now I know.

Now I know that my kids will be happy wherever they land, because they will always be surrounded by people who are invested in their happiness.  I know, because I will always invest in their happiness.


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