Life Magnified

20150206-144247-52967809.jpgA few years back, my sister and I sat down to eat at my husband’s restaurant.  I turned my attention away from her for just a moment and when I turned back, a wave of panic washed over me.  Wide eyed, I pointed at her face and began shouting, “What is that?”

She was wearing reading glasses.

Never before had I experienced such a visceral reaction to someone wearing reading glasses.  The problem, I quickly realized, was that she wasn’t just another someone – she was my sister.  Albeit, my older sister, but still my sister;  my sister who I am often mistaken for and who is often mistaken for meIf she was wearing reading glasses, that could only mean one thing:  I was next.


Until recently, I believed that I had managed to dodge the proverbial reading glass bullet.  It had been years since that ‘incident’ and yet, I was reading glass free.  Just as I was about to breathe a sigh of relief, I noticed that things were becoming a bit fuzzy, blurry, out of focus.  I ignored the obvious for awhile, but resistance was futile.  I needed glasses. Bummed and not ready to hear the words from an optometrist, I picked up a pair of CVS specials and gave them a whirl.  The change was immediate.  Within seconds, everything seemed bigger, brighter and completely in focus – everything seemed so much better.

Go figure.

In my crazy, mixed-up mind where mismatched thoughts somehow attach themselves to one another and find meaning, my new-found love of my reading glasses seemed symbolic of my 365 day writing experiment.  You see, before taking on this challenge, life was beginning to blur.  Moments were blending together, things seemed fuzzy and everything was out of focus.  When I began writing, the change was almost immediate.  Life instantly seemed bigger and brighter.  I began seeing moments and people and life clearly for the first time in quite some time.

Writing and searching – sometimes desperately searching – for the happiness in each day for the last year has refocused my energy and my thoughts.  No more blurred vision or fuzzy views.  Now I get to experience life magnified ……and that makes me pretty darn happy.


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