Stay Home This Mother’s Day. Thanks.

Ya know what stinks about being married to a chef on Valentine’s Day?  It’s kind of a busy work day for him.  But, do you know what day being married to a chef is even worse?  Mother’s Day.

If I have to give up a holiday to my husband’s busy work life, I will freely offer up Valentine’s Day.  It’s a silly holiday.  A made up, Hallmark holiday that inevitably sends those who are missing a significant other in their life into a depressing, downward spiral.  Seems somewhat mean if you ask me.  I could live without this holiday.

But then there’s Mother’s Day.  Mothers, if you ask me, make the world go round.  We give life to the world…literally.  There should be a day to celebrate us.  And men who are married to mothers, or who have a mother who gave birth to them, should be home celebrating them.  Chefs, though, don’t get to celebrate their own mothers or the mothers that they are married to.  Chefs get stuck at work – from early in the morning until late in the evening – cooking meals for moms whose husbands and sons couldn’t get their act together!  Sheesh.

Listen fellas – Mother’s Day comes but once a year.  This year, it is on Sunday, May 10th.  Take a moment to write that down.  Now plan accordingly and, for God’s sake, give a chef a break and stay home this Mother’s Day.  Please?  It’s really not too much to ask ….. and it would make me really happy.

Thanks. 🙂



  1. oh I feel your pain! My hubby is a police officer – there are no holidays!! 😦 We even have to hold up xmas morning until he comes home.
    Does he cook the most amazing foods when he’s not working? Nom Nom Nom!! 🙂

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