Saving Us All

20150217-231430-83670005.jpgPicture this.  It’s another scorcher of a day in the northeast with temperatures hitting a high of 20 degrees.  The kids finally had a full day of school and I finally got a full day of my own to catch up on all of the stuff that needed catching up.

Stuck in the house, glued to my computer and phone, it wasn’t long before I started searching the place for a little pick-me-up.  Thanks to my husband, there was no shortage of food in the house.  He braved the cold just yesterday so that the cupboards would be full….but he is a man.  Of course, he’s a man who is a chef, but he is still a man.  And he simply does not understand that chocolate is considered an essential in a house full of girls.

Why doesn’t he understand??

I managed to busy my mind with non-chocolate related tasks until my girls came home from school.  My oldest, who is just now beginning to enter the chocolate is essential to life stage, walked in the door and began searching for her own pick-me-up.  With no chocolate to offer her, she rolled her eyes at me and stalked off to start her homework.  Enough is enough, I thought and then I got to work.

Dumb luck (and a kind universe) seemed to be the only explanation for a stray bag of chocolate and peanut butter chips found buried on a back shelf.  I quickly got to work, melting the entire bag down and pouring the melted chocolate into miniature muffin molds.  My youngest came in while I was working.

“What are you doing?” she asked.

“Saving us all,” I responded.

Within the hour, we were nibbling on small bits of chocolate/peanut butter delights and happiness was, once again, restored.

Thank you universe and thank you chocolate.


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