I Guess This Is Goodbye

I was late to my college graduation.  No joke.  I was so late that my classmates grabbed me by my graduation robe, squished me into the procession line between them and collectively crossed their fingers, hoping this wouldn’t lead to an unfortunate reading of mismatched student names and diplomas.  The dean peered at me through glasses perched on the tip of his nose, shook his head in frustration and reluctantly handed me my diploma before sending me along to shake the hands of my professors.  The whole thing happened so fast that I never had time to really appreciate the moment.

Of course, I suppose I should have simply appreciated the fact that the dean didn’t toss me out on my late butt, but I really wanted the moment.

I haven’t thought about my college graduation in years, quite possibly since the day after my college graduation.  But as my 365 day writing experiment began winding down to this – the final day – I started thinking about that missed moment.  I started thinking about how I should have given myself time to savor that walk across the stage.  I should have appreciated all of the hard work that I did to get to that moment.  I should have bowed slightly at each handshake, graciously accepted the congratulatory remarks of each professor and I should have turned to the audience with a satisfied grin and a princess wave.  And then I should have thrown my graduation cap in the air and stood basking in the glory of the I did it moment.  Yep, I should have done that.

Unlike my college graduation day, I’ve had some time to absorb this I did it moment.  There were no final exams to cram for this time around, no papers to write, no projects to complete, no commencement ceremonies to show up late for.  There was simply the anticipation of achieving a goal that I thought about and dreamed about for years before finally committing to it.  This time around I am truly appreciating my moment.

Today is my blogging graduation day.  Today I have officially achieved my goal – a full year of blogging about the happier things in life.  Today I am taking in this moment, bowing slightly and graciously accepting all of the congratulatory – and completely unexpected – remarks from so many friends and family, acquaintances and co-workers and even complete strangers.  If you could all see me now, you’d see that I am facing you with a satisfied grin and a princess wave and I am holding my laptop up in the air, basking in this moment. 

I don’t know where I go from here.  I don’t know what will become of my blog or what form my writing will take in the months ahead.  I only know that today I happily crossed the finish line on this personal journey, and I just want to revel in that for awhile.  I just want to take some time to look back before looking forward again.  And so, I guess this is goodbye…..for now.  Thanks for joining me on this quest for daily happiness.


Thank you to everyone who has cheered me along on this year long journey.  Every note, every email, every comment, every text helped push me along and was appreciated beyond words.  What started as a very personal endeavor transformed into a very public adventure.  I’m thankful that you welcomed me and my crazy thoughts into your world.  A special thank you to my husband and my two lovely little ladies for their eternal patience while I indulged myself in this project – you guys always make me happy. ❤  



  1. Congratulations on a wonderful year! Thank you for your wisdom and bringing us into your thoughts, ideas, and happiness! It will be missed! It’s been a great year! Thank you! Can’t wait to hear about your next journey!! Good luck!!


  2. Thank you for adding something special into my day for the last 365 days!!! I’ll truley miss it……


  3. Well baby I certainly am going to miss you. You and Didi seemed to be on the same wavelengths Since college graduation day. Now you just can’t lay that talent down. How about Life’s Tricks. Maybe not every day, but at least once a week. Just peek at NPR news; just so much that you could straighten out. You’ve got the discipline,the talent, don’t let it evaporate. Our coffee will not taste good without you!


  4. Jean Marie, How come we didn’t know you were late for your graduation?
    We will miss reading all your news. Maybe you should keep it up. It’ll make us happy and it will give me something to discuss with Cecilia . Love you Mom & Dad


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