Month: February 2018

Pulling the Trigger

weapon-violence-children-child-52984.jpegDo I have your attention?  By choosing this title and pairing it with this free media photo, it wasn’t hard to pull you in.  I bet you think you know what I’m going to say.  I bet you’re already calculating your quick response…and I bet it’s not a nice one.

I forgive you.

I forgive you because, if you’re reading this, I like you.  You’re on my ‘friends’ list and, whether it was 25 years ago or just last week, at some point in my life I decided that you were good.  I’m sticking to my guns on that one (no pun intended).

I’m not going to share my opinion about what should have or could have been done to save the 17 people who died in this most recent school shooting.  The world – and Facebook – certainly doesn’t need anymore opinions from armchair quarterbacks or those with 20/20 hindsight vision, a degree in psychology, or a sharpshooter weapons badge.

Nope.  The sweet faces of those Florida kids whose lives were stolen needed more than our opinions.  They needed our solutions.  They needed us to talk openly about mental health, about support systems for at-risk kids, and they needed us to talk about our prized 2nd amendment and the semi-automatics it allows us to have.  They needed us to feel uncomfortable with the opinions of others while still being able to listen.  They needed us to check our egos at the door and SAVE THEIR FUCKIN’ LIVES!


The most intelligent thing I’ve read on this subject came from a stranger whose opinion seems to differ from my own.  “There is middle ground,” he said, “and if we both walk away from the table a little upset, it will be progress.”  

I couldn’t agree more.

It’s time to remind ourselves that we have chosen to surround ourselves with good people;  good people who may have different opinions.  It’s time to pull the trigger and get uncomfortable.  It’s time to stop the insanity.  It’s time for some real solutions.