The Family

The people behind my happiness trick.

Once upon a time I worked at a non-profit animal shelter while studying for a degree in Computer Science. After graduation, I started my career with a small, family-owned computer company and then ventured into the world of e-commerce with a group of wise entrepreneurs who made some not-so-wise business choices. Disgruntled with the corporate world, I made my way back to the non-profit sector, accepting a job with The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. I got married somewhere along the way and, shortly after accepting my new job, we decided to try our hand at parenthood. Our first child, a girl, was born in 2003 and by October of that same year, I was a stay-at-home Mom. I knew what I wanted to do during this new phase of life – I was going to write my first book!

Well, our baby girl is now 10 and her little sister is 7.  We moved away from our family, bought a house, adopted a dog and I have been back at work for some time, but I still haven’t written that book.  What’s that saying?  Life tends to happen while you’re busy making other plans. 

I’m not certain that I’ll ever publish a book.  My mind wanders too far, too often and that doesn’t lend itself to truly developing a well-written story.  I may leave that to the professionals.  For now, I’m proud of myself for committing to a year-long experiment in happiness and I’m delighted to be doing something that has always made me feel complete.  That act, alone, has brought me so much happiness.  I hope I can share some of that with anyone willing to pull up this blog and take a peek.

Happy thoughts everyone!



  1. Jeannie: read the 1 January Pickles cartoon. Keep it up, you’re great. Oh, you missed it, but Michael has white hair!


  2. Hi – I have found your blog through Mom of 1 & 10 and so happy that I did!! I love your story and your message!! So happy to have found this blog!! 🙂


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